New Chinese White Console Table

This small white console is the latest addition to the Nine Schools store! Chinese and Oriental influenced design with gold gilt edging and white copper metal work. Perfect for hallways and small dressing tables – it has 4 useful drawers and a two door cupboard for larger items. The console…

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Camila Carril Blog – Black Sideboard

The nine Schools has had a nice inclusion on glamour blogger Camila Carril – site Camila has been furnishing her new flat and has decided to use a Nine Schools Black Medium Sideboard as a station for her drinks and entertaining. The pictures show how great it looks –…

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Black Gloss - The Nine Schools

Black Chinese Lacquer

Black Lacquer Nine Schools has a very popular range of black furniture that is made from poplar wood and plywood and finished with high gloss furniture paint. The shapes and designs of the items are similar to antique qing dynasty furniture made for the middle classes and usually described as…

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The Nine Schools of Thought

Confucianism Confucianism is a philosophical school developed from the teachings of the sage collected in theAnalects of Confucius. It is a system of moral, social, political, and religious thought that has had tremendous influence on Chinese history, thought, and culture down to the 21st century. Some Westerners have considered it to have been the “state…

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Chinese Motif

For over three thousand years Chinese cultural tradition has used symbols and patterns to help and inspire peoples lives. They can signify and express the hopes, wishes and emotions of such things as love, happiness, wealth, fertility and strength. The Nine Schools products are hand painted with these traditional symbols…

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Origins of Chinese Furniture Design

The forms of Chinese furniture evolved along three distinct lineages which dates back to 1000 BC, based on frame and panel, yoke and rack (based on post and rail seen in architecture) and bamboo construction techniques. Chinese home furniture evolved independently of Western furniture into many similar forms including chairs, tables, stools,…

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